You Don’t Need Entertainment At Your Corporate Event



That coming from an entertainer who works a lot of corporate events probably sounds like a stupid thing to say. But it’s true, nobody is really looking for entertainment for their conference or meeting.

What they’re really looking for is something that will;

• Lighten the mood of the event

• Help relieve stress and anxiety

• Bring people together and help foster networking

They’re looking for a mood to be set, a feeling to be established and a tone to be in place when the entertainment is over. They’re looking to change to dynamic of the meeting and shift peoples focus and give them a ‘brain break”.

After sitting in sessions and listening to people talk all day the participants heads are swimming with new thoughts, ideas, strategies & best practices to sift through. It’s like drinking from a firehose!

With entertainment on hand they can shift their focus and give the analytical part of their brain a chance to process things. A chance to clear out the static and fuzz, to reset and refocus for the day.

If the conference is just starting your group will be tired, jet-lagged and frazzled from just getting to the meeting. They’ll be anticipating the “same old same” just like every other conference they’ve been to.

When they don’t see the same “talking head” speaker come out to kick off the event…then they sit up, pay attention and be engaged!

Whenever I’m talking with a client one of my first questions to them is; “what are you looking to get out the entertainment at the event?” If they’re looking for something fun, interactive and customized…perfect! If they’re looking for something to be happening while their group is eating dinner…that’s not me (and I’ll point them to some options from safe to stunning…yeah I’m that kind of guy).

The next time you or someone in your company says “we need entertainment at our event” think about what they’re really looking for. Conversely if someone says “we need something fun and surprising to open up the conference”…think of me! ?



-Fred Moore
Keynote Speaker, Corporate Comedy Magician & Bald-Guy          



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