Please Don’t Paint All Comedy Magicians With The Same Brush

Please Don't Paint All
Comedy Magicians
With The Same Brush

You may or may not have heard about what happened at Purdue University a few days ago but I sure did.

Basically a comedy magician who was performing for incoming freshman's made a girl cry onstage after making lewd suggestions, inappropriate comments and was border-line sexually harassing her.

You can find the whole story here.

Besides the just plain "wrongness" of what happened now all the other comedy magicians out there who DON'T do this sort of thing will all have to pay the price.

Do you think Purdue will hire a comedy magician next year? Or the year after? How many other Universities and Colleges are rethinking their choices for entertainment?

Unfortunately that's how it works in the entertainment buyers world. "We had a comedian last year and it didn't go over well, so we won't hire a comedian again"

When they hire a band and they don't play that well the buyer thinks "well, we just won't hire THEM again"

Instead of blaming the type of performer they blame the it should be.

But when it comes to the variety arts (magician, juggler, comic) the blame seems to be on the genre...THAT type of entertainment just doesn't work for us.

When an incident like the Purdue one happens it hurts all variety entertainers around the country, it hurts our reputations, our pocketbooks and our industry.

I am sorry for the poor girl that had to deal with what happened, sad that the performer didn't know any better (in this day and age...really?) and hope that all the buyers out there understand this;

We. Are. Not. All. The. Same.

-Fred Moore
Keynote Speaker, Corporate Comedy Magician & Bald-Guy          

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